Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC is a New York-based boutique real estate and litigation law firm dedicated to efficiency and client service.  We believe effective legal representation begins with understanding our clients, their goals, and the environment in which they operate.


Our firm has extensive experience handling, negotiating, structuring, and documenting high-stakes commercial real estate transactions, and also counsels clients in strategic distressed asset restructuring and complex work-out negotiations.  We advise and represent a wide variety of real estate investors, from the institutional opportunity fund to family offices and modestly capitalized start-ups, in complex commercial real estate transactions of all types. We also understand the significance of buying one's home and we represent many first-time homeowners, guiding them through the process from beginning to end. 

Under our litigation practice, we represent and serve a broad range of clients in a cost-effective manner, providing experience and creative problem solving.  We are dedicated advocates for our clients, and work to accomplish their goals either through settlement or through the courts.  We work to identify and pursue the options that will best satisfy a client’s objectives at the earliest date, while minimizing legal fees. 


Our firm combines the sophistication and quality of a large law firm with the cost-effectiveness and collegial environment of a small partnership.  Our attorneys are experienced advocates who are committed to fully understanding the business and legal aspects of each matter we handle.  We take pride in the quality of our work and our relationships with our clients. Our success is measured by the success of our clients.



Dedicated Legal

Representation For Clients' Personalized Needs 




Real Estate Transactions


Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC represents clients in residential and commercial real estate transactions. We represent a diverse array of individuals, partnerships, estates, trusts and corporations in the real estate industry, including purchasers, sellers, borrowers, brokers, lenders, landlords and tenants.

We understand that every client has particular interests that must be protected, and we provide dedicated attention to ensure these economic and property interests.   Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of real estate transactions for both businesses and individuals, including acquisition, sales, financing, leasing, development, construction, tax abatements and exemptions, strategic distressed asset restructuring and complex work-out negotiations.  We have years of experience walking first-time purchasers through the steps of buying a home, as well as handling sophisticated and comprehensive residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our array of services relates not only to the negotiation and closing of the transaction, but to everything else in between.  We regularly advise and structure partnerships and joint ventures for the purpose of real estate development and investment, guiding our clients from entity formation, through complex operating agreements, to distribution and dissolution. We represent real estate brokers for wide-ranging brokerage agreements, regardless of the nature of the real estate transaction.  We are also frequently consulted by landlords and tenants regarding commercial lease negotiations. 



Real Estate Finance


Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC provides debt-side representation for various institutional clients on the lending of funds secured against real property throughout New York.  We have significant expertise in the commercial lending arena, representing lenders and borrowers in financing, refinancing and restructuring.  From institutional to hard-money lenders, Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC offers careful and thorough representation, taking into account the many legal vulnerabilities involved in commercial lending.  Our attorneys are well versed in the complex regulations governing institutional and non-institutional lending, whether local, state or federal.  We offer a streamlined comprehensive lending process for a variety of loan purposes and structures, including purchase, construction, mezzanine and investment loans.  From planning, through drafting, to execution and compliance, Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC will ensue our clients' needs are met.



Commercial Transactions


Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC provides a broad range of corporate and business services to small and mid-sized companies, especially to aspiring entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their business objectives.  We assist clients in structuring ownership entities, advise on the relevant tax implications, and negotiate and draft all related documents, including pre-formation, corporate, and partnership agreements.  We often assist our business clients as they proceed from their start-up plan through their ongoing business development. We have particular expertise with international investors and business expanding their activities to the United States. 



Real Estate Litigation


In both the commercial and residential real estate sectors, parties often have differing views as to their rights to property, leading to disputes requiring the assistance of counsel.  Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC assists our clients in resolving these disputes as part of our real estate litigation practice.  To that end, we counsel clients to allow them to minimize their real estate related risks in connection with both routine and non-routine real estate matters. We work with clients to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their real estate issues, minimizing the uncertainty associated with litigation. If our clients' issues cannot be resolved through communication and negotiation, our experience enables us to use the most cost-effective and appropriate dispute resolution mechanism to achieve a successful outcome for our clients.



Commercial Litigation


We understand that disputes are unavoidable in business. When such disputes arise, it is crucial for businesses to have a responsible law firm that can provide sound advice and effective representation. Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC has experience in representing clients over a wide range of commercial issues, including breach of contracts and partnership agreements, shareholder disputes, dissolution of partnerships, and delinquent accounts receivable, among others.  When an issue presents itself, we take the time to discuss the matter with our clients, to make certain that we understand the problem, and to ensure that we craft the best strategy to achieve our clients’ goals as efficiently as possible.  We have established an excellent reputation with both domestic and international clients for our use of legal analysis, techniques and strategies to maximizing results.  



Trusts and Estates


Lehrman & Maseng, PLLC’s trusts and estates practice encompasses all areas of estate planning and trusts and estates administration.  We advise individuals as to how to transfer property by gift and testamentary transfer using creative, tax savvy strategies to achieve their goals.  We are aware of the complex issues presented when family or friends must deal with tending to an estate of the deceased.  Whether there exists a last will and testament or not, our firm can guide our clients through the intricacies of a probate or administration proceeding. 


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